Testimoni Pembeli

Berikut adalah Testimoni daripada pembeli yang telah membeli “Ajoy Ebook Collection”

“Pak Cik dah beli “Ajoy Ebook Collection” ni ye. RM150 je , dapat 50 e-book. Manalah tahu rezeki pak cik untuk pergi umrah. Kalau tidak pun, naik motor tu untuk pergi masjid” – Pak Cik Bidin (AJK Masjid).

“Guys, this “Ajoy Ebook Collection” is really worth it, believe me when I say this. RM150 for 50 e-books? Very affordable!” – Ms Alice Wong (Accountant) in Kuala Lumpur.

“OMG!! I definitely don’t regret buying this, not even a tiny bit of regret. For those who want to buy, DO NOT hesitate okie! I am a degree student and I berpeluang untuk menang PS5 Game and Macbook Air Golddd. Very very suitable for me since I’ve been studying all day so I can play games using the PS5 to release my stress or binge watch my favourite show on Netflix using my Macbook Air Gold hehe UGH GO BUY IT TRY YOUR LUCK LIKE I DID GUYS” – Cik Atasya (Uni Student).

“Bagi saya harga RM150 untuk 50 “Ajoy Ebook Collection” ni tersangatlah murah kalau nak dibandingkan kalau beli dekat kedai. Sejujurnya before beli saya takut ni scam tapi nasib baik la saya beli dekat sini. Macam-macam Ebook ada. Paling best and dahsyat Ebook Kamasutra, 96 pages hahaha. Apa apa pun if I were to give a rating, I’d give 10 stars since I’m a book worm hehe” – Mr Ambialagan (Pekerja Swasta).

“Buku yoga 1127 pages tu wow hahaha tapi very relatable since now it’s Covid-19 all over the world.. People who are active in sports would be working out at home since the gyms are still closed. This book bagus untuk those yang nak buat yoga dekat rumah bcs it has a lot of yoga poses for you to try. With this e-book with THAT many pages, it is super affordable. So I suggest you all should beli this “Ajoy Ebook Collection” – Ms Jennifer (IT Engineer).